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Desktop Clock Features

icon To open Desktop Clock control panel - place the mouse in the window clock area then two buttons should appear. Button "Panel" let you enter to the desktop clock settings. Button "C" closes the program. Alternative way of enter to the settings is right click desktop clock icon in the system tray and choosing "Control Panel"
icon Desktop Clock Start-up position - place clock anywhere on the desktop
icon Desktop Clock window Transparancy- Value from 0 to 100
icon Desktop Clock window on Top
icon Desktop Clock Time voice announcement - choose between the nice voice of a female or male, set repeat time [every 1,5,10,15,30,60 minutes]
icon Set Desktop Clock countdown timer to shutdown Pc or Log off from system - set the minutes or exact time to turn off or log off from Windows. The Time can be set and observed in the desktop clock main window
icon Desktop Clock Chime on the hour-Choose from five different chimes
icon Visual effect on the hour-Choose from five different visiual effects
icon Desktop Clock Daily Planner - set time and date, title, description and sound to notify you about important things to do. You can add up to 100 notifications. Desktop Daily planner can work as a computer alarm clock
icon Countdown Timer to the future date - set time and date in the future and clock show you how long you have to wait until the time and date will occur. Countdown timer can be observed in the the clock window. Countdown Timer counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to your specific date like important events, births, weddings, prom or millennium
icon PC Work Time - how long system is working since start-up. It can be observed in the desktop clock main window
icon Hide or show main window - right click on desktop clock icon in the system tray and choose Hide the Clock from menu
icon Quick Today's Date - simple click on the desktop clock icon in the system tray
icon Desktop Clock display Font Setting - set font type, font style and font size to configure desktop clock main window
icon Countdown Timer, Current Digital Time, Time to Shutdown PC - set colour of countdown timer to the future time and date, system work time and time to turn off or log off from the system
icon Quick Today's date - just click desktop clock icon in the system tray and page of the calendar with today's date will appear
icon The clock Seconds- set seconds style and colour  also set laser effect
icon Quick menu - right click desktop clock icon in the system tray brings you following desktop clock shortcut: "The Clock Control Panel", "Hide the Clock", "Daily Planner", "Today's Date"
icon Desktop Clock Digital time - set digital time on or off  displayed in the main window also you can change the colour and appearance in relation to the desktop clock hands
icon Desktop Clock Hands Settings - choose between different types of desktop clock hands and set their colour. Set second hand on or off
icon Desktop Clock Frame, Desktop Clock Style, background, digits - choose between different types of Desktop Clock frames, styles and colour, change Desktop Clock colour background
icon Hide Desktop Clock window - You can hide the desktop clock window by clicking the right mouse desktop clock icon in the tray systems and selecting "Hide the Clock"
icon Save Desktop Clock settings - When you leave the desktop clock control panel, window appears that prompts you to save current desktop clock settings
icon Date- set colour of the date displayed in the desktop clock window. Choose beetwen short or long date format
icon Add, Remove Desktop Clock Rss feeds - let you add or remove up to fifty Rss feeds
icon Desktop Clock Rss feeds Player - let you select and play selected channel
icon Desktop Clock Rss feeds Player Settings Window - set position rss window, set scrolling speed, set font type, font style and font size
icon Play Selected Rss channel- set Timer-Rss Reader playback frequency every 15 min, 30 min, 1h, 2h, 4h ( excellent for reading news )

While using "desktop clock rss feeds feature" you can have latest information in your desktop, from following example rss feeds: Latest news and weather for your city, Sports news, Latest news from the world of celebrities, Business, Health, Technology & Science, Horoscope, Latest lottery winning numbers, Stock-exchange listing, Latest currency rates, Opinion, Marketplace and many more.

Here is a video link showing the use of rss feeds in the Desktop Clock

 image showing desktop clock main window

Voice Desktop Clock ver. 2.9

belongs to the category:Desktop Enhancement Applications-Low Maturity. Desktop Clock works and looks like a standard analog clock with extra features. Desktop Clock appears while system startup and resides on your desktop. Almost all details you are able to configure including different types of clock hands and their colour. You can manipulate the different styles of clock frame and colour. You are able to configure the font colour, font size and font style used to display text. Any information displayed in the Desktop Clock is configurable by you to suit your own taste and affects the appearance of other clock windows  such RSS window or Daily Planner Window.

Here are examples of desktop clock voice announcement, you can choose beetwen female or male voice.

Female voice

Male voice

Desktop Clock - analog clock with RSS Reader, Time Voice Preview, Daily Planner and timer to shutdown the system. The main features include Time Voice Preview (Male or Female), Daily Planner, Shutdown system, Log off or even Hibernation Windows at a pre-defined time, Countdown to the Future Date, Changeable clock hands and frame, System Work Time since system start-up, 50 RSS feeds Reader with Timer ( excellent for reading news ) and much more.

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This is Partially Locked Functions Version. More Information how to fully unlock after installation at registration tab. The program is available OnlineOnly at
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and other sites. It has INSTALL and UNINSTALL feature.

The main source for download Desktop Clock is https://www.desktop-clock.eu

Desktop Clock 2.9
Size: 5953875(B)
         5.67 MB
Application language:en-us
Mime type:exe
MD5 checksum: 8E15F145DC5241F89246DBB533319EE8

Published: Updated:

Download Desktop Clock for Windows 7, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Desktop Clock Past Versions MD5 CheckSum:

Desktop Clock 1.0     MD5: C4D755A8BD4422800E4B6987A69FA5CA           File Size= 3643276 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.1     MD5: 5B91F2861F30818A306658BD7767AD67               File Size= 3843901 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.2a   MD5: 86D631A8836421B561B04736759B04C8                 File Size= 3843803 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.3     MD5: 73A1C5A6FF64E252D3220A2326A7823D             File Size= 3846451 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.4     MD5: A584ABEA7F7809CFAA4C7DDEA6A6DA89     File Size= 3843796 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.5     MD5: B29587361E87557F80CA0798154039D7                  File Size= 3844951 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.6     MD5:  63642CE65F2428D11D7D48A164D1FBD3             File Size= 3854040 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.7     MD5: C2CE87F37D248D7DD1EBE2CF5EB69A7A           File Size= 3906630 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.8     MD5: 024D1B069AA316B5B42B395C55D22C6B              File Size= 3926724  (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 1.9     MD5: 4DE5E11E736A1DF24443CF631819E3F3                 File Size= 4014463 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.0     MD5: 1F97173A6DDA7ADA6BD81ADB45A23874         File Size= 4555605 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.2     MD5: 55B397288CDB6973FCA1C4AE043C58A6              File Size= 4555605 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.3     MD5: BA6D829F8A93A34376A5888861A1A7D5             File Size= 4718711 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.4     MD5: AA6A291492181828ADBFFFF501BA64D4             File Size= 4819772 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.5     MD5: 3A5A61C3D30D8658666906D122D8FBC3             File Size= 4969374 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.6     MD5: 1D62B2B17EB72A408475F62D2E0A8061             File Size= 4968187 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.7     MD5: 0F66CF4C99BD6CAC447EA474623002A0             File Size= 5186362 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.8     MD5: 1CFF5D2233B9A091E87F313D055E3CB4             File Size= 5698690 (Bytes)
Desktop Clock 2.9     MD5: 8E15F145DC5241F89246DBB533319EE8             File Size= 5953875 (Bytes)
        Before installation check MD5 Checksum for integrity.
                      Here is the software.The Software is Free.
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style in version 2.8 style in version 2.7 gold style version 2.8
locked version unlocked version
unlocked desktop clock version 2.8 Unlocked desktop clock 2.8 settings
scrolling topics rss window
Scrolling RSS Topics - RSS reader window
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Sean Penn at work in Haiti-rss reader window
calendar page calendar page2
Calendar Page today's date Calendar Page today's date

Links to Desktop Clock

Desktop Clock

Desktop Clock - Voice Clock with RSS Reader

Desktop Clock Home Page at https://www.desktop-clock.euDesktop Clock - Voice Clock with RSS Reader

Desktop Clock Home Page at https://www.desktop-clock.eu

Desktop Clock Home Page at https://www.desktop-clock.euDesktop Clock main features include Time Voice Preview (male or female), Daily Planner, Shutdown Pc or Log OFF from Windows at any set time, Countdown to the Future Date, Changeable clock hands and frame, Pc Work Time since system start-up, fifty RSS Channels

Desktop Clock pad file - https://www.desktop-clock.eu/pad_desktop_clock.xml